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If you're looking for an itemized receipt to help you write off or report to get your purchase expensed... well aren't you lucky! :D   

Not just because you're getting some extra bonuses from your purchase, but because we've equipped you with several ways to get what you need!

Below we'll list the options you have, then outline for you how to go about getting your receipt. 

Your Options

1. Click the Link in your Order Confirmation Email
2. Login to your BestSelf Account and Find Your Order
3. Contact and Request a Copy

Click the Link in your Order Confirmation Email

To get your receipt all you have to do is follow these simple steps!

  1. Login to your Email Provider. (ex. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.)
  2. Go to your search bar and enter the following: 
    Woohoo! Order confirmation
  3. Scroll down on the email until you see the link in the image below:
  4. Select the "Click here to download your PDF receipt and you're done!

Login to your BestSelf Account and Find Your Order

Whether you are looking for a recent order or a past one, your BestSelf Account will have what you need!

  1. Navigate to the appropriate site for your locale and account: US, UK, or AU.
    Note: If you are unsure, you'll want to login on the site you placed your order on.
  2. Select the Account Icon from the Header.  It's a tiny person like the image below:
  3. Login to your Account.
    Note: Having Trouble logging into your account? This will help! 
  4. Once you've logged in, review your Order History. See image below:

    1. When you find the Order # your looking for, click on the numbers.
  5. You'll be taken to an itemized page of the order you can print out! 

Contact Support and Request a Copy

If all else fails we are happy to help! After we confirm some information we'll send a receipt PDF of your order right over!

Not sure of the best way to contact us?  This will help! 

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