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Did you know that over the last few years, many studies have been done that show if you write down your goal you are 40% more likely to complete it?! 

We couldn't believe it either, and it was the biggest reason we decided to go with a physical product for the goal-setting process. Humans have evolved over the years with a deep connection to using our hands there's a massive connection between the brain and our digits! 

We understand though, in this digital age having a reminder of our goals is important. That why we developed the Win the Day Chrome Extension! It is the digital buddy for anyone who uses a computer regularly to help maintain focus and build a relationship of productivity with technology- instead of a distraction.  


What  about mobile?

Great question!

With the mobile device, we thought long and hard about how to leverage the tech. In the end, we realized that the biggest downfall of the mobile device was that though in many ways it's meant to be a productivity device. It's developed into a distraction machine. 

We wanted to bring productivity back to the mobile device and not only that but minimize the interaction needed so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. If you did receive a notification we wanted to make sure it was related to your schedule for the day! 

Enter our scheduling assistant Dawn! 



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