Yellow Tab (bonus Pen Holder)

Congratulations on your new SELF journal! 

We are so excited for you to get started!  Make sure to check out our starter videos made just for new journal owners! 

Sounds Great! But, what is this Yellow Square thingy?! 

Don't feel bad!  The question is asked more than you might think. 

The Yellow Square is a pen holder!  Just a bonus trinket we included with the SELF journal as a thank you for contributing to our mission of helping people achieve their goals!

To Use:

1. Turn the Yellow Tab over so you can see the white backing.
2. At any corner, peel the white backing to expose the adhesive. 
Note: The adhesive is very strong, so it may take a moment but the backing will come off.
3. Stick it on the journal where ever you prefer! 
4. Enjoy your new pen holder and journal!

The most common place to put it is on the back panel near the top.  But plenty of people have placed it in the middle or on the front panel.  

It's entirely up to you!  

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