More about the Weekly Action Pad (and the E/N/D System)

You finish all tasks with ease!

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The Weekly Pad is a no-frills tool to help make sure you stay on task. Utilizing core principles of time management, prioritization, deadlines, and estimations the Weekly Action Pad keeps you accountable to yourself!

No matter if you have one project or several, with this pad you can manage it all. Unlike any other system out there the Weekly Action Pad also helps you manage your energy level with the innovative E/N/D system!

Why the Weekly Action Pad?

When it's time to really focus, a digital format can end up doing more harm to productivity than help. It's much easier to break focus. To get caught up with unrelated tasks. 

For anyone who finds themselves drifting from app to app, task to unrelated task, while never really completing anything of significance. The Weekly Action Pad can help provide stronger focus and support for building the skill of going into deep work mode!

E/N/D is a prioritization system to help manage your energy levels! 

It stands for Energizing / Neutral / Draining. 

When you set a task down or after you finish it (if you aren't sure how it affects you). You can designate it as E, N, or D. 

Once you have these not only can you make sure you are doing the most important things first, but you can also make sure that you aren't doing too many draining things without doing something to raise your energy level! 

This is key to stopping burnout in its tracks! 


Packaging  Padded Envelope
Materials  Matte Poster Paper 
Size 8 1/2 in x 11 in
Included 1 notepad, 52 pages (enough to last the whole year!)
Compatible with Win the Day Pen, Project Action Pad, SELF journal, SELF Scholar

Your energy under your control!

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