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BestSelfCo's Customer Experience Team is here to help you navigate all the products, sales, or even just offer some encouragement when you need it most.  You got a question, we can answer it, don't much care what it is! 🛫

Service Hours and Response Times

We are here for you  Monday - Friday (9am EDT-5pm EDT) and all questions will be responded to within 1 business day.
(Holidays affect service hours and response time.)

Three Ways to Contact Us


Use any email service to message

Live Chat

On any site 
(Even this one! 🙂)

Facebook Messenger

On our Facebook main page

Best Used For: 
Help with Orders, Shipping, Accounts, or any other issue that may require information validation.
Best Used For: 
Immediate questions about the site, help to place an order, or help to find an article. 
Best Used For:  
Help with the Facebook Group, Ads, and General Questions.
To Use:
Select the email provider of your choice and send an email as you would to any other email address!
To Use: 
Select the blue speech bubble at the low right corner of the site. If a representative is available - chat away!  If not send an email too!
To Use: 
Simply use Messenger like you would contact any other person on Facebook. We'll get to you, asap!

We hope you're having an awesome day and look forward to hearing from you ! 🤗

Phone Number

To best serve our customers around the world we do not have a phone number or hotline service. Please use one of the three contact options above.

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