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What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a personal brand, blog, or site that wishes to promote our products to their audience, most commonly using ad space or some other form of URL links.

How do I know if an Affiliate account is right for me?

Those who have active personal brands, blogs, or websites are the best fit for the Affiliate Program.  If you have open ad space, or regularly do blog posts that are in list form.  Think, "Top 10 Journals" then you could be a great fit! 

How much do I have to know about BestSelfco products to be an Affiliate?

The more you know about our products the easier it will be to promote the product. The more your audience will trust your opinion, but being an Affiliate requires minimum product knowledge. 

What do I get for being an Affiliate?

Affiliates receive 15% commission on the purchases made with your URL link!  This is tracked through Cookies, which are active for 30 day(s) before expiring.

Pretty good deal right?!

Is my audience right for your products?

If your audience is interested in self-improvement, gratitude, time management, goal setting, or just generally feels like they aren't sure how to accomplish the things they really want-  then they'll love our products! 

We appeal to a wide range of demographics and walks of life.  Why?  Because the older generations are interested in maintaining less of a digital footprint, and the younger generation is becoming more aware that periodic disconnect from technology is incredibly important!  

Ready to become an Affiliate?

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