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The big goals you want to achieve are within reach! 

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A powerful yet simple daily self-coaching tool to help you optimize your day, tackle your goals and be happier.  The SELF journal is the most popular product from BestSelfCo! It's enabled hundreds of thousands of people to accomplish incredible things from starting and growing a business, to managing anxiety and depression.  The uses of the self journal are endless. 

Why the SELF journal, over the countless others on the market?

Utilizing the long-proven standard of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. The SELF journal focuses you in on a 13-week time frame and helping you default to taking action. With an intentional push for you to put all your attention into the most important task before anything else.  No matter if you are just trying to make time for yourself, or make the most of your time the SELF journal doesn't demand you fill in endless tasks and answer countless prompts. 

Instead, the journal challenges you to simplify and through the simplification of what you really want, get you to your goal as quickly and painlessly as possible! 

Get the journal today, and start the shortest journey to what you truly want!

Navy Journal

Charcoal Journal

SELF Journal - Charcoal


Important Notes: Photos may not reflect the most recent version of the journal.
The watermark is from the available PDF, it is  not present in the standard journal. 

13-Week Roadmaps (Goal Setting Pages)

Based on S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting principles the 13-Week Roadmaps will help you breakdown any complex goal into manageable daily actions + tasks.  With minimal time and consistent daily action- your success is inevitable!

Monthly Calendar Pages

Scheduling the right kind of events on your monthly calendar can be the difference between maintaining the momentum and excitement of a new goal!  Use these pages to maintain a normal calendar, and leverage the true power of the monthly pages by scheduling goal-centric events, and inspiration!   

Weekly Planning & Reflection Pages

Big Picture thinking turns setbacks and failures into opportunities for improvement! With the Weekly Planning Pages, you'll be able to set a Bigger Picture view of your days so you can more quickly adjust to challenges and maintain your forward motion!

The Weekly Reflection Pages take the weekly view to a whole new level. The pointed questions are designed specifically to help you see and appreciate your progress. They make sure you take the time to adjust every week so you can course-correct and achieve your goal!    

Daily Pages

Success comes only when we take consistent daily action! When you win the day, winning the year becomes inevitable! The Daily Pages bring deep focus to achieving the most impactful and important tasks in your day.

They also help you craft a more resourceful mindset with gratitude and assessing your day in a way that helps keep your attention on the next step forward! 

Freedom Pages

In the popular bullet page style, the Freedom pages allow you the creative flexibility to create any view you want! The only limit is your imagination for these pages! Create, inspire, achieve!  

Set yourself up for the rest of the year!

4-Pack SELF Journals


Packaging  Thick card box with magnetic clasps
Materials  Book board structure, cloth wrapping cover, 3 ribbons, 100 gsm paper
Size  5 1/2 in X 8 1/2 in X 1/2 in
Included 1 SELF journal  BONUSES: 1 13-week roadmap, 1 pen holder, 1 starter guide, 1 routine builder insert
Compatible With Win the Day Pen, SELF Shield, Weekly Action Pad, Project Action Pad, Habit Roadmap, Year Wall Calendar, 13-Week Roadmap

What's the difference between all the notebooks?

The SELF Journal is all about hyper-focus on what's most important! If you've got a big target or goal in mind that you'd like to achieve in record time - then the SELF Journal is for you!  The original tried and tested SELF Journal will help you break down any goal and get it done! 

The Self Planner is here to help you get organized and get life in order no matter how crazy things get!  If you're feeling like you just don't have enough stability in your life to really go after the big goals you want to achieve, the Self Planner is the perfect companion to help you through! 

The SELF Scholar is everything you've ever needed to make that A in class a reality. Get the grade, have a good time, and make the most out of your educational journey. Learn, work, play is something you'll want to take into real life too, so get a start on what that looks like now! 

The Scribe is the dot grid powerhouse of the BestSelf collection.  Any notes, any format, mockups, drawings this notebook does it all and with style!  Stamped with the BestSelf logo, your goals will always be at the front of your mind where they belong!

The Sidekick is the biggest tiny notebook we have, pocket-sized, it fits almost anywhere so can go with you everywhere! Never leave ideas behind when you've got the Sidekick with you. If you carry nothing else through the day a good pen and a Sidekick is all you'll ever need. 

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