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Anxiety is something we all face daily!  Stress creeps into our lives at work, home, and sometimes even our leisure time.  Two of the biggest reasons this happens to us is due to quickening breathing patterns and a mental focus on the future.    

One of the most effective ways to stop anxiety in its tracks is to slow down your breathing patterns and to center yourself in what's happening right now.

With the BREATHE Band, you'll have a constant reminder that you are in control with the word BREATHE imprinted on the band!  The unique anchor clasp not only keeps your band securely fastened but also acts as a reminder to anchor yourself to the present moment.

Designed with high-quality raw leather the band will stretch and darken into a completely unique piece!  Built with style, comfort, and durability, the BREATHE Band is made of premium genuine leather and an alloy metal clasp.  Perfectly balanced for any occasion, wear it with jeans, or in your suit.  The BREATHE Band is versatile in its duties, just like you.


Packaging  Padded envelope, burlap bag
Materials  Raw leather, brass accents w/clear coating 
Included 1 band


The BREATHE Band comes in three sizes: 

Small  Medium  Large 
7.25" (Inches) 8.25" (Inches) 9.25" (Inches)

The Band Over Time

The band starts off as natural leather, but the longer you wear it the more color will turn a darker brown and some stretch will occur. It forms uniquely to your wrist with a one-of-a-kind color! 

Stop anxiety in its tracks!

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