13-Week Roadmap (Don't Break The Chain)

You are ready to take the road less traveled!

Thanks for your interest in the 13-Week Roadmap!

The Roadmap comes with your SELF journal as an added bonus! It's a poster that can be used to keep the most critical goal in the front of your mind and track the most critical task related to it! 

Of course, this tool is incredibly powerful on its own as well! So if you are inclined to grab one, go for it!  

Its development and execution are based on the Jerry Seinfeld productivity method, since referred to as "Don't Break the Chain". 

The core idea is that you choose the one core task you need to do in order to achieve your goal. For Jerry it was to write a joke every day, everything else he did and pursued was, of course, important but that one thing was everything.   

What to do? 

1. Write your one thing that is most critical to your goal at the top of the poster. 
2. Then do that thing every day! 
3. When you complete it, mark off the day on the dotted line guide!
6. Bonus! Set up something to reward yourself with at the end of the 13 weeks!
(Just a bit of extra motivation!) 

That's it! Make sure you do your one critical thing and you'll massively amplify the probability of completing your goal!  


Packaging  Paper Envelope
Materials  Glossy Poster Paper 
Size 8.5 in X 24 in
Included 1 Roadmap
Compatible with Dry-erase markers, or permanent markers to write with  (Not Included)   

Have more than one goal?

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