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The cover that does its job and looks good doing it.

The custom SELF journal leather cover adds a touch of sophistication to your goals. It was crafted with high quality, 4 oz. full-grain cowhide leather means, like a fine wine, it betters with age the more you use it.

When your Self Journal is finished, simply remove the leather cover and slide in a fresh journal for your next big goal.

The Self Shield does not include the journal.

Turn heads while you achieve your goals!

Brown Leather

Natural Leather


Packaging  Padded Envelope, burlap bag
Materials  Brown leather or raw leather, metal button
Size Fits 5 1/2 in X 8 1/2 in
Included 1 leather cover
Features Custom-fit as the leather stretches, clasp to keep the journal secure, built-in leather pen-holder


The SELF Journal has two options: 

Dark Brown Tanned Leather
Natural  Raw Leather

The Natural Leather Over Time

The natural leather starts out light, but the longer it's used the more color and some stretch that will occur. It forms unique to your journal for a one-of-a-kind fit and color! 

Protect your investment with style and precision!

Brown Leather

Natural Leather

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