Wholesale & Bulk Orders

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Wholesale Ordering

If you own your own shop and would like to sell BestSelf Products we would love to be part of your offerings to customers!  From gift shops, to bookstores and everything in between there's something for everyone in BestSelf Wholesale. 

Voted Top 10 on countless lists and even featured on Good Morning America as the gift to give for any occasion. Your customer will love all the BestSelf products on your shelf!  

Please email wholesale@bestself.co for pricing

Note: A Sales Tax ID is required for all wholesale orders.

Ready to have BestSelf on your shelves?

Ordering in Bulk

If you don't have a Sales Tax ID, no worries!  You can still order in Bulk! 

Do you have a big event coming up and would like to offer BestSelf as part of the welcome or exit package?  Maybe, you are holding a training and want to use BestSelf products, or maybe you are looking to help your company with their goals personal and professional.  With Bulk Ordering, you can get the best value for yourself and attendees and employees! 

Please email wholesale@bestself.co for pricing

Note: You cannot use alongside another coupon or shipping promotion. 

Ready to wow your next event or community with BestSelf?

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