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The BestSelf Alliance: 5 ways to achieve goal accountability

Not all accountability is created equal, social accountability is hands down one of the most powerful forms of accountability out there. 

When you join the BestSelf Alliance you get everything you need to create real accountability for your goals:

Support - Anytime you start something new it’s critical to not only have the belief you can, but people you can reach out to for information, and when you get down lift you up.  You’ll find this support and more on your very first post! 

Recognition - Having the right people around you to cheer you on is critical to get past challenges and roadblocks as you work towards your goals.  In the Alliance, everyone is ready to lift up your wins, no matter how small. After all, small wins lead to big successes! 

Resources - There no limit to the tools and resources we provide, or that members pass along to each other.  Whatever you need you can find it in the Alliance, and if you don’t you can be sure it will be on the list to create and provide.  A rising tide lifts all ships! 

Group Activities - Just by joining you’re a valued and welcome part of the group.  With activities including things to help you build consistency with all your productivity tools, to LIVE events, and giveaways the more you engage the more fulfilling it will be!  

Achievements - With new features being added by Facebook all the time, we aim to take full advantage and provide you with ways to track your goals.  Units are one example of this, where you can mark and really see your progress as you work towards your most life-changing goals!

If you want to go fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, travel together.

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