Getting to Know Subscriptions

You live in the present, and prepare for the future! 

An Investment in Your Future, at a discount!

The journal is an investment, no doubt about it.  Don't worry it's one that many people have been pleasantly surprised to find well worth it!

The subscription is for those who are ready to dive headfirst into real change and save money doing it. 

Subscribing to the journal is more than just a discount though.  It's a mechanism for accountability! 

The journal is 13-weeks because it's just enough time to accomplish something significant, but not long enough to allow for procrastination.  

When the extra accountability of a subscription is added you'll have all the motivations needed to take on goals with gusto! 

How often is the subscription sent?

You'll automatically receive 4 journals a year every 3 months. 

Depending on when you place an order will dictate when you'll receive the journals which are sent every 11 weeks.

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