Backordered or Out of Stock Products

Backordered or Out of Stock Products FAQ

Seeing the product you want on backorder or out of stock is the worst experience! We try our best to keep all your favorite products in stock. Sometimes, it does happen where a product will be on backorder or out of stock.

How will I know if the product I am ordering is out of stock or on backorder?

We will put it on the product page and send a subsequent email alerting you.

Will you automatically split my order and send me the products that are available right away?

We do not automatically split shipments, but if you send us an email at or livechat us we will happily split the order for you.

What happens if the products go on backorder after I place the order?

Most likely your order will ship but sometimes it does happen that the product will sell out at the same time someone is making a purchase. If this does happen, we will send you an email offering you options for your order.

How will I know when the product will be back in stock?

We will have it posted on the product page, if you are unsure you can always email us at or livechat us and we can help.

Will I receive an email once my back order ships?

Yes, once your order has shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. 

What if I still have more questions?

We are happy to help you! Please email us at or livechat with us.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patience. 

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