Managing Subscriptions

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Accessing Your Information

While your information is saved for your convenience at the time of the order, a managed account is not automatically created. 

To do so you'll need to create an account HERE.

Doing this will allow you to access your orders, edit your address, manage your subscriptions and much more!   If you need help with this, please email us at

Already Have an Account?

Awesome!  All you have to do is login to manage your account HERE.

If you have issues logging into your account remember to try the Forgot Password option.

Before you Cancel

Did you know you can postpone your next delivery cycle? 

Once you login to the account you have to option to postpone the delivery of a new journal.  If you find yourself not quite finished with your journal at the 13-week mark simply login and select the postpone option.

Don't miss out on your discount!

When you're a subscriber,  you get a discount with every journal.  As long as you stay subscribed it's like having a permanent coupon code! 

Managing Subscriptions Step-by-Step

  1. Please log into your account. You can login here:
  2. Once logged in you will see a button at the top that says “manage subscription”
  3. The customer will have a brief wait while they get authenticated by Bold Apps to pull up their subscription account.
  4. A new window will open with the subscription account.
  5. you will click on “manage” and select “swap product”
  6. A popup will open with the product they can swap with which will be the Self Journal Graduate Edition.
  7. You will click on the double arrow icon to swap
  8. You will see that they will swap out the Self Journal and swap in the Graduate Edition. They will click the swap button.
  9. After new shipping rates get calculated, you will confirm the swap by clicking the blue button “yes, swap product”
  10. The swap is done and they will be taken back to your subscription account page.
  11. If you want to confirm that the swap was done, you can check their next order will have the Graduate Edition by clicking “manage” and “upcoming orders”.
  12. In the next screen, you’ll click on “product quantities” to see the Graduate Edition will go out in the next shipment.

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