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Applying a Discount Code

If you have a discount code, you can enter the field available on the Checkout Stages.

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At the top-right side, the Discount Code field is present.

At the top of the page is a dropdown arrow.
Selecting the arrow will cause the field to appear.  

Note: Codes only apply to full-priced items.  Discount codes cannot be applied to carts that contain discounted items. 

In the case of discounted items in the cart, the field will only display "Gift card", and you'll receive an error message that the code is "not valid".  

Gift Cards & Discount Codes: These two items cannot be used at the same time.  Either a gift card or discount code may be applied to the cart, but not both.  

Discount Codes & Digital Products: Discount codes cannot be applied to digital products unless explicitly stated. 

The Stages of Checkout

The checkout process has 3 quick stages. Not to worry! No charge is made until the final stage "Payment" is completed.  

Information Stage

The information from this page not only allows us to know where to ship your order, but also to keep you updated on any developments with your order including when it ships, and when it's been delivered!  We try to make sure you are as informed as possible for the best experience. 

Check out as a Guest

The default view is checking out as a guest, simply fill out the field present and you'll be set to move on to the next stage -  Shipping!

 If you order from BestSelf regularly we highly recommend creating an account so you can keep track of and review previous orders as well as manage account details!

Already have an account, or want to make one? 

You're making a great decision! 

To login or create a new account select Log in from the top of the Information section.

This will take you to the Account Page. If you already have an account fill in the information to login. 


Is an option that allows you to recover your password if you've forgotten it. 


Problem: If you've made an order with BestSelf before but did not Create an Account on the Account page, you will not have a password to log in with. 

Solution: Create an account as normal using the email address you've used to order previously. 

Creating a New Account

Select the "Create account" option to start the registration process.

When the link is selected you'll be taken to the "Create Account" page. Fill in the information required to Create an Account.

When you select "Create" you'll be taken back to the Information page to fill in the rest of the details. Once you make an order the information you enter will be added to the account and make your next checkout super easy! 

Still stuck?

If you have issues, you can always reach out to and have an account invite sent to the email you've previously used. Note: You will need to validate information on the account before any invite or account changes are made.  

Shipping Stage

Now that the Information Stage is done, and you've entered your shipping address you can select your Shipping preferences! 

The Shipping Estimate provided is from the time the package is in the hands of the delivery service to the door. This does not include time to package or customize products (if customization is available).  Business days are Monday - Friday and do not include holidays, delivery service delays, natural disasters, or strikes. For more information on Shipping Times check out this article. 

Preorder Disclaimer: If a product is on preorder status selecting a faster method of shipping will not mean the product will be fulfilled immediately. However, the selected shipping will apply once the product comes back into stock. Be aware of this when selecting a faster shipping method for Preorder items. 

Note: That Free Shipping is only available for contiguous US and UK orders over $65 after discounts - unless otherwise promoted.  

Payment Stage

Congrats you are at the final stage of Checkout! Fill in your preferred payment method, make sure your billing address for the payment method is the same as your shipping method.

If it's not, select the appropriate option and enter your billing address, or the purchase will fail. 

If you are purchasing as a guest but would like your information saved for a future purchase make sure to select the Remember Me checkbox! 

Hit "Complete order" and allow us to be the first to celebrate with congratulations on the new incredible journey you are about to embark on!  See you soon! Though with all the changes you're going to make, you'll excuse us if we don't recognize you right away! 

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