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You're ready for life's little surprises, and the big ones too!

SELF planner get Life in Order

You are an adventurer ready to take on any challenge,

because life is an adventure and like any good adventurer knows no skill will get you out of a tight spot quite like knowing where true north lies.

True north is our guiding star.

It allows us to reorient, it allows us the confidence to take the next step even if the previous one seemed perilous, it allows us to make the most out of missteps and maybe even trailblaze a new path.

So, adventurer. Grab your Self Planner. Set your True North, and blaze a new path to get life in order. 

Why get the Self Planner?

A big challenge many have faced is a daily routine that's become so structure less, it is a huge adjustment curve to integrate the goal-setting of the journal. It's something that can happen to any of us over time, when tragedy strikes, or just when any major change happens.  

While many who had command of their day - succeeded, others needed something a little different. This is where the Self Planner comes in!

Like the journal; the planner focuses on the SELF, but with a more holistic view, rather than hyper-focus.If you're picking up the planner it's most likely because there are lots of little things getting in the way of the big things you want to accomplish.  

It amounts to all of these other distractions, and worries, that just create a general feeling of instability.  The kind of things that once we have a handle on them, allows us to hyper-focus back in and really dedicate ourselves to the big things we want in life.

If you're ready to clear the path to your success, then grab a Self Planner and let's get started! 

Get the journal today, and start the shortest journey to what you truly want!

Black PlannerSelf Planner

Coral Planner


Important Notes: Photos may not reflect the most recent version of the planner. 
The watermark is not present in the standard planner. 

6-Month Bucket List & BestSelf Benchmark

To get life in order you need two core things:  To know where you want to go and to know where you've been. The first thing you'll do in the Self Planner is to get clear on these two core aspects of life.  You'll set targets for the things you want in your very own Bucket List, and you'll get honest with where you're really at with the Benchmark. 

When you complete these pages you'll have a clear summary of what you'll be focusing on for the next 6-months! 

Project Plan

Some of your Bucket List or Benchmark items are likely to be much bigger than simply completing a task or going to an event.  There might also be some that are way more important than having them listed with all the other's values them.  If something is important to you, then it deserves to be front, center, and expanded.  The next pages in the planner: The Project Plan is where you'll give real space to your top 3.

When you complete these pages you'll have strong targets to take action on!   

Monthly Calendar

Life is a collection of moments that we hold on to, treasure, or learn from and life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not.  The Monthly Calendar Pages are where you will start to take control of your life's memories by deciding what memories you're aiming to create.  With the Priorities Section, you'll look ahead through the month to fill out all the most important things to you.  In the Month View Section, you'll fill out where you estimate these priorities will fit.  In the Habits Section, you'll build out what you'll need to make sure those priorities get completed. 

When you complete these pages you'll have a full vision of the months' most memorable moments and what it takes to get there laid out before you!

Monthly Reflection

It will be a rare and precious moment when a 6-month period goes perfectly to plan, and the biggest downfall we make is to assume there will not be challenges along the way.  No more, with the Monthly Reflection pages, you'll have to tools you'll review the good, the bad, and the unexpected events of life.  In the "Over the next month I will..." section, you'll do the hard but important work of defining the actions that will improve your life. 

When you complete these pages you'll have everything you need to make actionable and impactful changes to the next month!

Weekly Planner & Weekly Canvas

You'll spend most of your time in the Self Planner on the Weekly Planner and Weekly Canvas Pages. These are the pages where you'll paint the picture of your daily plans, priorities, successes, and changes.  

Weekly Planner

First, you'll set the focus for the week this will serve as your temporary compass that should guide your actions whether you re-iterate a project target, affirm a value you hold, or set a unique mini target.  In the Weekly Wisdom section, you'll get bite-sized considerations to try applying to the week. Who knows, what insights or opportunities they could unlock!  After that, you'll fill out the Weekly Tasks, transferring them from the monthly priorities section or breaking the bigger project actions/tasks into achievable chunks for the week.  

In each day section, you'll have the critical daily schedule to make sure you stay on task and focused on what's important, as well as a place for Top Priority Tasks that will make the biggest difference in getting life together.  

Finally, there's a notes section at the bottom of the page, to reflect, show gratitude, recognize wins, or consider lessons learned;  or whatever else is most important to you! 

Weekly Canvas

With the Weekly Canvas pages, you have complete freedom to define and track in whatever way makes the most sense to you!  Whether you have particularly challenging or busy days you want to track, brainstorming you want to do, Discovery Decks you want to explore, and more. The Weekly Canvas is your space to explore your art;  whether that's actual art, music, business, writing, fitness, the art of Self-Care.  The only limit is your imagination!   

When you complete these pages you'll have worked daily to make the vision of your month a reality, moved the mark on bigger projects, and pushed to make real change in the two core factors of a happy life; Doing the things you want that are fulfilling to you, and being proud of where you've been by living a life in a way that's honestly, unabashedly you!  

Get the journal today, and start the shortest journey to what you truly want!

Black PlannerSelf Planner

Coral Planner


Materials  Book board structure, cloth wrapping cover, 2 ribbons, 100 gsm paper
Size  7 in X 10 in X 5/8 in
Features Self Planner Guidebook, Inside Pocket, Two Attached Ribbons, Perforated Corners, Elastic Band
Compatible With Win the Day Pen, Weekly Action Pad, Project Action Pad, Habit Roadmap, Year Wall Calendar, 13-Week Roadmap

What's the difference between all the notebooks?

The SELF Journal is all about hyper-focus on what's most important! If you've got a big target or goal in mind that you'd like to achieve in record time - then the SELF Journal is for you!  The original tried and tested self-coaching tool will help you break down any goal and get it done! 

The Self Planner is here to help you get organized and get life in order no matter how crazy things get!  If you're feeling like you just don't have enough stability in your life to really go after the big goals you want to achieve, the Self planner is the perfect companion to help you through! 

The SELF Scholar is everything you've ever needed to make that A in class a reality. Get the grade, have a good time, and make the most out of your educational journey. Learn, work, play is something you'll want to take into real life too, so get a start on what that looks like now! 

The Scribe is the dot grid powerhouse of the BestSelf collection.  Any notes, any format, mockups, drawings this notebook does it all and with style!  Stamped with the BestSelf logo, your goals will always be at the front of your mind where they belong!

The Sidekick is the biggest little notebook we have, pocket-sized, it fits almost anywhere so it can go with you everywhere! Never leave ideas behind when you've got the Sidekick with you. If you carry nothing else through the day, a good pen and a Sidekick is all you'll ever need. 

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