Getting to Know The Cart

You value investing in the future more than anything else. 

Welcome to Your Cart!

The cart is a way for you to add multiple items and manage items before you enter Checkout.  Think like supermarket, you're not in line yet, you're just shopping! You can always put something back if you'd like.  

Here's How it Works

1. On any Product Page Select the "Add to Cart" button.  Hold onto it for a bit, and see how you feel about it! 

Note: Your Cart is represented by this icon on the top-right menu.

2.  Once you've added an item to your Cart you'll see the icon update with a Blue Dot.

3. Add as many items to Your Cart as you want to! 

4. Once you're satisfied with your selections- select the Cart Icon and review your items. 

Here's a break down of the cart, so you know exactly what you're looking at!  After all, understanding labels is important!  

The Cart

On the slideout, there are several options and features available we'll cover them next!

Close the Cart

By selecting the "X" at the top of the cart you can close the slideout and continue shopping! 

Free Shipping!

See how close you are to free shipping with the free shipping bar.
(available only for orders in the contiguous US, unless otherwise promoted)

Add or Remove Item Quantity

Inline with every product is a quantity selector, you can remove or add the quantity of the item and that cart will update automatically! 

Note: If change the quantity of an item all the way to 0, the item will be removed from the cart completely. To add it back you'll need to go to the shop and continue shopping.

Quick Navigate back to the Product Page

Want to doublecheck something about the product? Select the Image or the Title in the Cart slideout and you'll be taken directly to the product page! 

Note: To open the cart simply select the Cart Icon again! In this way, you can review all the products in your cart easily before ever hitting Checkout!  

Review the Totals of your Cart and Head to Checkout!

All amounts shown are before any Shipping, taxes, or discounts are calculated. Once you start the checkout process several options are available and can be selected.   

Ready to shop?

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