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Intimacy Interpersonal Mastery

Intimacy is a topic that can make lots of people uncomfortable.  There are lots of preconceived notions about what it entails and while it's a complex topic with lots of uniqueness to be considered between individuals one thing remains constant.  The necessity for each person in any relationship to connect.  To be open and to offer vulnerability alongside general conversation.

It's these core actions around intimacy that we've sought to tap into with this Momentum Challenge!   

How do I know if the Intimacy Momentum Challenge is right for me?

This challenge is for any couple looking to have a good time and dive a little deeper into getting to know their significant other!  The program is intended to be challenging but also to create lots of fun and energy around intimacy. If you are in a new relationship, a growing one, or an established one this challenge is all about you and your relationship so it can work for you!   

How exactly does this work?

The Intimacy Momentum Challenge is  30 days worth of content unlocked over the same period of time. 

Challenges range from simple tasks that can take as little or as much time as you choose, to slightly more involved. 

The total time investment is not intended to be massive, but we greatly encourage you to be open to the possibilities that each challenge might present!  When you reach outside of your comfort zone, even a little bit, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what manifests in your life. 

It's a powerful way to grow your relationship no matter where it's at right now! 

What's the Timeline? 

The challenge starts on the  1st of each month and goes for 30 days

But, you will have access to the program for a maximum of  45 days, to finish off any stray tasks.  Be aware that after the 45-day mark the program will be locked

To engage in the challenge multiple times simply purchase the program during the sign-up period each month.   

When the starting email goes out on the first of the month. Jump on the challenge and get it done, asap!  

Remember, this is a  challenge, so that does mean you and your partner will likely have to extend yourselves.  Whether that means breaking of your daily schedules or doing things you don't feel particularly interested in.  Intimacy is intended to mix things up!  

Keep in mind that variety is the spice of life, and putting yourself into new situations can reveal things about your significant other you might have never noticed otherwise.

People are infinitely complex, so make sure to enjoy the journey of finding out new things about each other!

What if I'm struggling to complete my challenges?

Don't forget to engage in the community for extra support and assistance with the challenges!   Look for the Disquis group within the program's website.

Most of all, remember that there's no win or lose here. The goal of engaging with these challenges is to get yourself out of your comfort zone.  If you only do one of these tasks, you'll have taken a big step towards expanding yourselves, and that's worth celebrating! 

Do my partner and I need to purchase the Intimacy Challenge separately? 

If only one person purchases then only one person will have an account, receive the emails, and have access to the Disquis group.  If you both want access to all the features, then you'll both need to make a purchase. 

To get the full experience and benefit of the Intimacy Challenge we highly suggest both people have accounts. 

But the choice is ultimately between you and your significant other.

Our guarantee to you.

Exploring intimacy is something we believe has incredible benefits, particularly if done for the full 30 days. But if for any reason you feel like the program is not for you we can offer a  full refund if you request one within 7 days of the program's start. 


1. As with any physical activity use your best judgment on whether the task is safe for you.  If you are unsure check with first with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity suggested.  

There's no penalty for switching out a task for one more personally appropriate, and we'd love to hear all about them in the Disquis group! 

Who knows! Maybe your personal challenge will become an official one in a new Momentum Challenge.

2.  By posting, commenting, or otherwise interacting in this group you are authorizing to use quotes, photos, etc. for promotional purposes. If you are not Ok with an ad you see please email Customer Service at and the ad will be removed.

3. BestSelfCo retains the right to deny any person services or access to the program that we deem to be acting in any way inappropriate, harassing, or detrimental to the program- regardless of payment and without a refund. Follow these three simple rules and it's going to be a fantastic time- Help People, Provide Value, Push Yourself to Be Your Best Self.

Deepen or Reconnect today!

Intimacy Momentum Challenge

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