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Inspired ideas come to you with ease!

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The Scribe Notebook is the perfect companion to almost any BestSelfCo product! It's bullet formatted pages allow for infinite possibilities and templates to be applied. Whether you want to have a straight forward to-do list or customize it with whole designed sections. The Scribe is there for anything your mind can think up! 

Why get the Scribe Notebook?

We are surrounded by ideas, they come at us from all angles and avenues. A conversation, a share on social media, a targeted ad on our favorite website. The possibility of distraction will rule the day if we let it. 

With Scribe's bullet pages you'll have the ultimate catch-all notebook! You get to define what's important, what you want to pay attention to, what you want to come back to. Your unique Scribe layout empowers you to keep out the distraction and stay focused on what's most important to you!

Whether you use the notebook on its own, or as a supplement to another. The Scribe is always there to take down your ideas and make sure you don't lose them.

With your Scribe at the ready, the muse will never slip by unheard again! 

What will you think of next?



Packaging  Bubble Envelopes
Materials  Soft Leather Cover, 100 gsm paper
Size  5 1/2 in X 8 in X 1/2 in
Included 1 Scribe Notebook, Ruler Printed Inside Cover, Property Of Page, 171 full bullet pages (including front and back pages)
Compatible With Win the Day Pen, Decision Deck, WordSmith Deck, Edison Deck

Fit for even the most brilliant idea!


What's the difference between all the notebooks?

The SELF Journal is all about hyper-focus on what's most important! If you've got a big target or goal in mind that you'd like to achieve in record time - then the SELF Journal is for you!  The original tried and tested SELF Journal will help you break down any goal and get it done! 

The SELF Planner is here to help you get organized and get life in order no matter how crazy things get!  If you're feeling like you just don't have enough stability in your life to really go after the big goals you want to achieve, the SELF planner is the perfect companion to help you through! 

The SELF Scholar is everything you've ever needed to make that A in class a reality. Get the grade, have a good time, and make the most out of your educational journey. Learn, work, play is something you'll want to take into real life too, so get a start on what that looks like now! 

The Scribe is the dot grid powerhouse of the BestSelf collection.  Any notes, any format, mockups, drawings this notebook does it all and with style!  Stamped with the BestSelf logo, your goals will always be at the front of your mind where they belong!

The Sidekick is the biggest tiny notebook we have, pocket-sized, it fits almost anywhere so can go with you everywhere! Never leave ideas behind when you've got the Sidekick with you. If you carry nothing else through the day a good pen and a Sidekick is all you'll ever need. 

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