Anyplace - Weekly Edition

Anyplace, anytime, you can make it happen!

Thanks for your interest in the Anyplace - Weekly Edition!

The Anyplace - Weekly Edition is the first always sticky poster. It requires no extra tacks or stickies and works with any dry-erasable markers! 

Why the Anyplace - Weekly Edition?

Where ever you need reminders around the house the Anyplace - Weekly Edition is there for you! Stick it to your fridge, stick it to the front door, stick it to a mirror, a cabinet, a dresser. No damage, no fuss, just organization, and action no matter where you are!


Packaging  Envelope
Materials  Glossy Poster Paper 
Size 10 in X 7 in
Included 2 Weekly Edition Pages
Compatible with Weekly Action Pad, Project Action Pad, SELF journal, SELF Scholar

Your routine perfected!

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