SELF Shield Vegan Edition

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Thanks for your interest in the SELF Shield Vegan Edition!

The VEGAN Shield is the perfect vegan-friendly journal cover that provides protection and style for your journal while giving a nod to Mother Nature. Made 100% clear of any and all animal products, your VEGAN Shield will give the confidence is created to feel and look as good as real leather, without harming animals.

Why the SELF Shield Vegan Edition?

wrapping your goals in the skin of an animal ain’t for everyone! That’s why we crafted the Vegan Shield from the best blend of vegan-friendly leather substitutes. This vegan version of our popular SELF Shield adds a touch of sophistication, with an eye towards the environment.


Packaging  Padded Envelope
Materials  A high-quality synthetic blend of polyester and PolyUrethane
Size Fits 5 1/2 in X 8 1/2 in
Included 1 journal cover
Compatible with Win the Day Pen, SELF journal, SELF Scholar

Animal safe, with substance &style!

Vegan Leather

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