Edison Deck (finding Originality In Creativity)

You are an idea machine! 

Thanks for your interest in the Edison Deck!

The Edison Deck is made up of 100 cards that challenge you to think up 10 ideas per card. Once you finish the deck you'll have thought up 1000 ideas! Every card is designed to trigger deep contemplation on difficult and fun topics. Anytime you to flex your idea muscle simply pull a card out of the deck and answer the question. 

Why get the Edison Deck?

 In today's world, the ability to manifest ideas lightning fast can mean the difference between success and failure, promotion and being passed over!

With the Edison Deck not only will you walk away with 1,000 potentially golden ideas, but you'll also build the habit of idea-generating. A veritable superpower in today's most competitive environments!  

In 100 days or less, you'll find yourself with the ability to make connections no one else does. When you speak up and bring your ideas out it will put you at the center of major decisions and future planning. 

Make your mark, let your brilliance shine! 

Card Correction


Due to an error on the box of this run of the Edison Deck, it will arrive without shrinkwrap.  A sticker has been added to the box with the needed corrections.


Packaging  Bubble Envelopes
Materials  Matte Thick Cardstock
Size  2 in X 3 in
Included 100 Cards Total 
Compatible With Scribe Journal, Sidekick Notebook

What's the difference between all the Decks?

The WordSmith Deck is all about a single big idea that helps build focus. Deep thought is what we aim for when engaging on this deck. This will help build the ability to think creatively. Each day, each new idea builds the creative muscle! 

The Decision Deck is all about helping make a choice no matter how big or small, and to do so with confidence and a process of assessment. For bigger decisions use the full 25 cards to know the best possible decision is made. 6 months later use the 4 Decision Review cards to see how your decision played out and plan your next move!

The Edison Deck is all about building the capacity to generate ideas on command. To make connections between even the most random ideas. The focus is not only to help come up with 1,500 ideas in 150 days but to develop a powerful new ability to come up with ideas on command. 

The Icebreaker Deck is all about building community, making connections, and building social confidence. Whether used for one on one meetings, in a group setting, or as a means to build a repertoire of engaging questions you can use in any situation. The Icebreaker Deck brings down barriers, and brings people together! 

The Courage Over Comfort Deck is a compilation of small, simple challenges that include: doing things you've never done before, doing nice things for others, and generally challenging the status quo. This deck helps build a foundation of confidence that can translate to any facet of life, or challenge that may come up!

The Intimacy Deck is all about getting to know your Significant Other in ways never previously imagined!  Some of the biggest issues in relationships boil down to challenges in hearing and understanding each other's deepest needs. The Intimacy Deck provides a safe space for that dialogue to happen! Learn, new and surprising things about your partner, and even yourself. 

The Little Talk Deck is all about connecting with your little ones in ways that help them grow and connect with themselves and the world around them.  The deck helps prepare them to think deeply, build empathy, and grow great question asking skills for dealing with the challenges of life.  The Little Talk Deck provides a safe and fun space for dialog to happen. Your kids will connect more than ever with their peers, siblings, and you!

Ready to become an idea machine?

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