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Thanks for your interest in DAWN our smart, phone schedule app! 

With all our experience and experimentation with productivity, we've found there is one challenge to the productive day that stands above all the rest.

The daily schedule. 

Why is this aspect so much harder than the rest? 

Well, it's because of something called "Decision Fatigue" it's a tiredness that arises when you have to make too many decisions throughout the day.  Any decision no matter how small adds to this fatigue and if you are in a situation where you are making lots of small decisions before you can make decisions on the big, important things.  Then the more likely it will be that we will procrastinate on important decisions!

If you ever wondered why you never do that thing you know you should be doing, the culprit very well could be Decision Fatigue! 

AND, nothing requires more tiny, tiring decisions than the daily schedule! 

DAWN is our solution to this challenge.  From prioritization to planning, and even automatic rescheduling - DAWN is the only phone schedule app that takes care of all these aspects for you!  Set up the app to your personal preference and follow the schedule DAWN sets up for you! 

Something come up?  That's ok!  Just let DAWN know and she will reschedule the task into the next available time block.

Decision Fatigue's time is set. DAWN is rising!

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