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Yes, every now and then you can come across a discount code!  Sometimes it's through a promotion, sometimes through referrals, sometimes we might just want to make someone's day.  However you got a discount code, you are definitely lucky, so Congrats!

Of course, it's not so fun if you can't figure out where to input the code. That's where this article comes in! 

Where is the Code Input Field?

The Code Field can be found on the Order Summary page.  This is the last page you'll see before final submission of your order. 

Putting in your order on Desktop?

On the Order Summary page look on the right side of the web page.  The code entry field will be present there! 

Putting in your order on Mobile? 

On the Order Summary page, you'll see a section at the top of the page with a blue arrow. This section is a drop down.

Select the arrow and the drop-down will reveal the code entry field! 

Can I use multiple codes?

At this time, one cannot combine discount codes on one order. 

For example, You cannot combine the shipping promo and discount code, or a subscription and a discount code. 

Can I use a discount code along with a bundle discount?

Take advantage of the bundle discount when you see one. It's the best way to get more products at a better price. Unfortunately, you cannot apply a discount code to the bundle since it's already discounted. Please note: if you wish to purchase additional items not part of the bundle, you would need to do a separate order to receive a discount on those items. 

What if I forget to input my code?

It happens to everyone, you are so excited to check out you forget to input the code. We can help you, please reach out via live chat or email support@bestself and we can resolve this for you quickly.

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