Win the Day Add On (for Chrome Productivity)

You have a  great relationship with technology!

What is Win the Day?

Now more than a state of mind- Win the Day is a Chrome Extension created by to help you take back control of your time on the computer! 

It has 3 main features: 

  1. Goal Tracking
  2. Focus Mode
  3. Habit Tracking

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What are Chrome extensions?

Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience of the Google Chrome browser. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences.

The Features

Goal Tracking

Too often when using the computer we are bombarded with sites vying for our attention. The net result is hours wasted in constant distraction by this ad, or that notification. Win the Day clears out the distraction and helps you stay focused by:
- Setting one life-changing goal
Multi-tasking is a myth that has since been debunked. Instead, the most effective thing you can do to help your productivity is to focus on one thing at a time. Win the Day takes this proven approach and applies it to your computer time!
- Setting three critical daily targets
Every day we do countless tasks on the computer that don't matter and create no real benefit other than momentary distraction and a quick dopamine burst. By setting three critical daily targets, you can bring awareness to your computer time, so that even if you do find yourself tumbling into a Pinterest hole. You'll know as long as you've completed these three tasks you're still moving forward! 
- Setting a deadline to complete your goal
A goal without a timeline is just a dream. We believe this and have seen it play out time and time again. By setting a deadline you are telling yourself. This is real, and it needs to get done. When you set it in Win the Day, you'll have a constant reminder of that deadline and what you need to get it done!  
- Making the Goal Page your default landing page
When you open a new tab or window the first thing you'll see is your Goal Page. If you haven't finished your tasks for the day this constant reminder will help you stay accountable to yourself.  

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Focus Mode

The computer can be a powerful distractor, particularly those sites that beckon you to visit them moment by moment. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, to name a few. With so much out there trying to pull us out of the present moment to engage with them maintaining focus is key to being productive and achieving your goals. That's why Win the Day has Focus Mode! Fight the distractions by: 
- Setting a timer from 1 to 90 minutes to block the most distracting sites
Win the Day blocks the most common attention-grabbing offenders, but you can also create your own list of any sites you know distract you. Temporarily block them, and make sure you have the focus to knock out your targets! 
- Setting an intention for your session
At the start of each session, you can set an intention to be displayed while your timer counts down.  Every time you get distracted, but pull yourself back to the task using this intent reminder you'll be building up your discipline! 

- Watching the timer count down ( Pomodoro  in action!) 
Tasks will expand to take the time we give them. One of the most common challenges people face today is starting but not finishing what they set out to do. This inclination occurs at the lowest levels and eventually starts applying to our larger tasks. By showing the time you have left, Win the Day adds a sense of urgency to your work that makes sure you finish the task at hand. 
The more you set an intent, and knock it out in the time you set, the more consistent follow-through is, even on the biggest most complex tasks!  

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Habit Tracking

- Enter up to 3 new habits you want to implement in your life 
Whether they’re to aid the pursuit of your goals, or just something you want to add to your everyday routine. 
- Keep track of your habits by checking them off every day
The act of checking things off is proven to provide a quick burst of dopamine that reinforces a desire to do that thing again! Take advantage of this by seeing the blanks fill in! 
- See your streak build to keep your momentum towards new, healthy practices going.
Each week that you complete your target amount for a habit, a count will be added to the fire streak! Once you've started a successful chain, you won't want to break it!

Get the Extension here

Use Win The Day to turn your computer back into the productivity tool you need it to be. Entrepreneur? Student? Full time professional? Writer? Whoever you are, WTD can help you be more mindful of your goals, habits and time. When you need to focus up and attack the task at hand, Win The Day is here to help! 
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