Managing Multiple Goals

You do more, by focusing on less!

We all want to do more. 

It's a natural desire, but our first instinct to manage multiple goals regularly leads to stress and burnout. We all have a finite amount of time in the day and if what we want has no reasonable endpoints, if there are no goals. Then all that's left is to run as fast as you can until you reach exhaustion. 

Don't let this be you. It creates the classic one step forward two steps back situation, and that's not a place you want to be.  

What's the alternative? 

To hyperfocus only on the one to three major things that will change your life. 

Imagine a pattern of millions of dominoes. Each one set up after the next, some branching off into other paths, creating the intricate design that is your life. 

You could run around to each line disconnected from the next trying to knock them over. You could work tirelessly to topple each individual domino, but eventually, you will tire. You'll grow bored and annoyed, disconnected from the excitement as only a few dominoes fall here and there but always stop. 

When you set your most important goals, you are connecting the lines of all the other dominoes. So instead of running around yourself, these critical parts are doing the work of knocking down all the others for you.

One massive life-changing goal can sometimes be enough for this domino effect to happen. Over 4 journals for the year, make no mistake achieving 4 massive goals can alter your life completely. 

Manage Up to 3 Goals in the Journal

Still, we did not want to limit the most practiced goal setters out there. So the journal includes 3 13-Week Roadmaps, that's 3 goals per journal and 12 over the span of the year. Even if you are doing smaller goals, 12 accomplished can also change the course of everything. That many goals will certainly be a challenge for the best of the best (depending on their setup). 

So don't feel like you have to do 3 every time you fill out a journal. You'll note in the journal that Goal 2 and 3 are marked as Optional. This is because even one goal you put your full focus and attention on can create a massive impact. 

So don't feel compelled to write in multiple goals, just because there is space there. Use them when you have a real need for them.

Remember, that the SELF journal is a tool, not a formula. It is here to empower you, to help you build a resourceful mindset, and effective time management skills. It's not about filling in pages. It's about taking action, tracking results, and adjusting your approach until you achieve the desired result- the fulfillment of your biggest goals and dreams. 

There is no right way to success, there is only the way that works for you. 

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Get support like this when you need it most!

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